Numero Uno

Hello everyone welcome to my blog

3 thoughts on “Numero Uno

  1. Cheers Katie! Slightly short introduction though. 😀 Would’ve been nice to hear more about your background, but maybe later in the future posts. 🙂 I hope you were able to settle with the platform – I know, so many options, so litte time.

    See you again with the BCM112 next week!

      • Totally. 🙂 I actually enjoyed the ‘To Be Or Not To Be I’ll Ask The TV’ post very much. Maybe because I am a gamer who has played the games you mentioned + listened to heavy and extreme metal quite a many years – and still sane and “normal”. 🙂 I won’t add more to this discussion now as I would most likely be repeating myself. Let’s just say I’ve seen this “conversation” going on too many years without proper examination what is actually behind it.

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