The Effects Of Convergence

After attending my second lecture for BCM112, it became apparent to me that Media is a dynamic that is constantly changing and developing ,always moving forward into a new improved era of convergence. But that to most people is obvious, as new technologies are always going to mean newer platforms and mediums of communication. The interesting thing about this is not the change from old to new media itself, but rather the way in which this change in convergence effects media industries, technologies and audience. Theses three aspects of media are connected by and therefore heavily impacted by convergence. A small change in one has a major impact on the others.


When technologies are improved, new ways of communication are created and become more accessible. With this level of accessibility audiences are suddenly  becoming more more involved with media, they are no longer just passively listening or watching it, they are actively creating it. This change in turn affects industries as now there are issues with the flow of content across multiple channels. Audiences are inundated with a plenitude of entertainment options and no longer look to industries to cater to their needs. Eventually this cycle of change returns back to technology as people then start to change the use of these technologies in a way that was not originally intended by the industries that created it.

In order to give a better example of this chain of effects I look to my chosen convergence platform GamesSpot to justify what I’m taking about. Games are an entertainment form that are created by industries with an intended purpose; to be played right,  however forums such as GamesSpot, give audiences a chance to go beyond just playing the Game. They use this emerging technology (the forum) as a continuation of the game. The forum allows people to discuss game concepts, share their own interpretations of a game and imagine new alternative story lines and endings. Game forums even create a way for people who have modified the game in some way to share that modification and let other people play it. This effects the gaming industry as now countless versions of their games exist and are being played all over the world. As well as this, forums effect how a game is played in the sense that an abundance of information is readily available about the game. People no longer have to figure things out for themselves or solve puzzles, as the answers are provided for them or cheat codes are available.


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