There is a direct correlation between technology, convergence and the creation of a participatory culture and one of the major unifying elements of this correlation is the development of the remix.

What is a Remix?

A remix is where you take something and change it. It is using any element or aspect of a pre-existing thing and manipulating it in a way that creates something new entirely. Here is an example of a remix in which scenes from the Lord of The Rings have been manipulated to create music (Music was not the original intention of these scenes but through the use remixing something new has emerged).

What is the significance of a Remix?

When you remix something, you are essentially taking it and placing it in an entirely different context. By doing this, meaning is changed, which in turn allows us to create new ideas and concepts. So remixing becomes this way of expressing our own interpretations of a text. This makes remixing important because it becomes a tool that allows us to reconstruct something in such a way that its original ideological flow is completely challenged and its authority can be questioned. In turn our own ideologies can be expressed and something new can be created.

For example the authoritative power of Bill O’Reilly is put into question through the use of the remix below. It takes an event in which he lost control of his anger, and exemplifies his anger through repetition as well as places the entire situation into a satirical and comedic context through music. I don’t know about anyone else but to me this forces me to question the professionalism of O’Rielly and his creditability as a political presenter. This shows me the impotence of remixing as a tool of ideological expression and political persuasion.

(((LANGUAGE WARNING)))                                   (((Watch Out Bad Words)))

So what’s the correlation between Technology, Convergence, Consumer Participation and Remix Culture?

Remixing is a direct result of technology. As technology has advanced it has become easy for people to access a any text (let’s say music/sound for example purposes) at any given moment and download it at will. Technology also facilitates the manipulation of these texts and allows people to create new things with them. Then technology makes content sharing possible through convergence. This leads to the creation of a participatory culture in which people are no longer consuming things, they are becoming actively involved with and are producing them.

Take the Turn Table for example, originally a consumption device designed to play pre-set music. People started using it as a production device, in which they were able to manipulate tracks and remix them to create new sounds.

And that eventuated into this….


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