Wow, time has passed so quickly. It is hard to believe that this will be my last post for this this subject. It kind of feels like it has ended just when I started to get the hang of things. Writing these blogs has certainly been a learning experience for me as I feel they have shaped my perception on several key concepts, given me a wider array of knowledge about the topic of convergence as a whole and have improved my writing ability dramatically. One thing that really surprised me was how much I actually enjoyed writing them. Never in a million years would I expect to be doing homework and loving every second of it but I found that the topics I was able to write about were the very topics that interest me most. My favourite thing about writing these blogs was looking up content to include in them… watching videos on YouTube, finding memes off the net, reading articles on GameSpot, all of these are things I still would have been doing regardless of Uni, so it was pretty cool I got to include them.

My favourite blog to write about was by far, ‘I’ll Tell You What You Want, What You Really Really Want’. I feel this blog was easy for me to write as the ongoing battle between Apple and Android and the whole idea of closed vs open Medias is something that I am quite passionate about. I think that because I really liked the topic, my writing style and ability was at a peak for this particular blog, things just kind of flowed out of me. I also really liked that I was able to able to use a metaphor about The Matrix to further exemplify my rather biased point about Apple being the king of closed Medias. I also think this blog was the best overall because I was able to relate back to my chosen platform GameSpot, making it easier for me to reflect on this topic in terms of my medium

I also really enjoyed writing ‘A Long Time Ago In A Convergent Galaxy Far Far Away’. I believe that this blog is the most personal and the most reflective out of all the others. Because Trans-Media Story Telling is something that heavily influences my everyday life I found I was able to reflect on the topic better, using my own real life experience at Game Traders to think about Trans Media Story Telling from my own perspective. I also got to write about Star wars which was pretty awesome and I think that helped me understand the concept a lot better. I like that I was able to use that as a perfect example of Trans- Media Story telling.

I think my third best blog would have to be ‘Pro-Anti Slacktivism’. For me this blog was a little more challenging to write because I was completely unsure as to whether I believed ‘Clicktivism’ to be good thing or not. This indecision forced me to dwell on the issue more and delve into it on a deeper level and I feel this helped me to better reflect on it. There was also an abundance of memes on this issue that I thoroughly enjoyed looking at and included several of in my blog. I think all the memes in it make it exciting for my viewers and that’s another main reasons why I chose this blog as one of my top three, it’s a lot more entertaining than some of my other blogs.


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