Auto-Ethnographic Reflection… Godzillaception

Watching Godzilla sent me into a flurry of familiarity as Asian digital culture is one that I feel I identify with.The narrative that exists within my account of Godzilla is my retelling of other experiences with Asian digital media that I was reminded of when watching it.

This could be expanded upon by going further into my experience with Asian media. Going deeper into how my life has been influenced heavily by Asian media despite the fact I have grown up and continue to live in a predominately Western society. This process of personal transformation is inherently the result of globalization and is something that has happened gradually. It’s not exactly like I woke up one day and said “Hey, I think I’d like to become more Japanese”. It started with the cartoons I watched as a child, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh…Those horribly dubbed and overtly Americanized renditions of Japanese classics.


That was my only experience with Japanese television back then because that was all I had access to but unlike most girls my age, living in Australia, I continued to pursue the field. Now that I am a mature adult (who still watches cartoons) I have made the transition from dubbed to subbed and have left my dependency on ABC, and SBS for watching anime behind. I am now the master of my own digital experiences and I just so happen to make most of them Japanese.


A significant moment I touch upon in my blog when I discuss how I felt like I had seen Godzilla despite never actually watching it. I state how Godzilla has saturated the environment I grew up in. This is an example of what I mean when say Asian Media has become very globalized and in particular Japanese pop culture has merged with my own.

In my blog last week I did make a point of assumption when I made the observation that tear jerking moments in Japanese cinema always have some kind of underlying moral lesson. While that may be true of my own personal experience with Japanese cinema, I need to consider the fact that my own experience is limited and most likely tailored. I’ve only watched what has been successful enough to have gained popularity here in Australia and on top of this I limit myself to the genres that interest me. I say that I identify with Asian digital culture but at the same time I always must question if my experiences are entirely authentic and if my understandings of the texts are thereby sound.


Addressing this assumption leads me to further research as I now have the desire to look deeper into this. Perhaps I need to expose myself to more Asian cinema of varying genres and see if my observation still rings true. I would also need to study the industry more, to see if there is evidence for this theory and/or reasoning behind it.


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