Introduction To The Global Network

The moment when you attempt your first audio blog and realise you said PUGcast instead of podcast. None the less here are my thoughts on week two’s lecture topic and readings…

(ps promise to get better in future)


To elaborate further on my podcast the quote from the reading that really stood out to me was “Cyberspace is something more. Though built on top of the Internet, cyberspace is a richer experience. Cyberspace is something you get pulled into perhaps by the intimacy of instant message chat or the intricacy of  massive multiplayer online games Some in cyberspace believe they’re in a community; some confuse their lives with their cyberspace existence”.

This perfectly encapsulates the way the internet has created opportunity to create meaningful interactive relationships without physical interaction. The ability to do so has changed marketing forever. Gone are the days of the old school one way dialogue between a company and its customers. Today’s consumers want more, they want personal relationships, real time communication, opportunity to engage with the brand, to contribute to its culture and to form communities with like minded brand users . My textbooks call this Online Customer Relationship Management but I call it simply being a brand in the networked environment.

Here is a brief history of the evolution of marketing as it coincides with the trajectory of technology itself.



One thought on “Introduction To The Global Network

  1. Loved your take on the readings and lecture topic for this week! And I completely agree with you that cyberspace and marketing techniques are interconnected and should be greatly utilised to gain a better understanding of target audiences. It’s crazy how things have changed on the Internet front, and the statement you quoted from the reading at the beginning of your podcast clearly shows how back when the Internet was first developed people thought they have truly cracked it, but now we look back on it and it seems completely absurd. I mean take reddit for example that, to me, is a snapshot of what the Internet use to look like, and now seeing it and trying to use it makes me wonder what the real point of it is. The turn around to make the Internet as glamours as it can be has sort of stumped the real reason, of it can do.
    But great post! I would love to know more of your thought on the global nervous system and marketing.

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