Gamified Marketing In Under 10 Minutes

This is a video I made for my DIGC202 Assignment. It aims to answer the questions;

What is Gamification?

How can it be used in marketing?

What does effective gamification require and how does it work? AKA the science behind motivation.

Why should business be using gamification?

What are its positive effects on Customer Relationship Management?

And finally what are some examples of successful implementation?


Coming from a marketing background I noticed that in almost all of my textbooks there would be a little section about gamification and how it has great potential for increasing customer engagement but it was always touched on upon so briefly and never really explained how to do it or why it was so effective.

I am a person who has played games all my life and if there is one thing I know it is they have the capability to make me become so caught up in them that I don’t leave the bedroom for days. So I set out to learn everything I could about gamification in the field of marketing and what I found was that most of the information out there was about gamification for education and for motivating employees. This was very surprising to me since there were so many news reports about its growth as an industry.

The only logical next step here was to make my own information source that educated people on gamification and thoroughly explained it within the context of marketing. I wanted to make something visually tangible, informative, digestible and easily shared. Basically I hoped to answer the all the questions I had about the topic and put this into a platform that catered to gap in the information market. My hope is that this could be used as an educational tool for other students, who are looking for a quick break down of Gamification in marketing with relevant examples.

So here is one of the working products…..

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