To Be Or Not To Be I’ll Ask The TV


We all know that the media plays a major role in influencing our everyday lives, from the clothes we wear, to the places we go, even down to the people we vote for. (I mean if this was not the case than advertising wouldn’t even exist), But to what extent does Media play a role in shaping who we are as individuals? and at what point do we seriously stop blaming people for their own actions and start passing blame onto the media for its influence and or ‘control’ over those individuals?

In today’s world there are some who perceive the media to be a medium of unethical mass control and domination, this grim perception of the media is created by the concepts of The Media Effects model and The Cultivation Theory. These concepts suggest that mass media has a powerful and direct effect on audience behaviour and that prolonged exposure to negative media results in high levels of desensitisation.

What’s wrong with this idea is that it is often miss interpreted, misguided or one sided and almost always forgets to take context into account. Take The Columbine Massacre for example; It was almost too easy for News outlets everywhere to focus the blame for the entire event on violent music and video games for the sake of a good story.  As David Gauntlett states in his article ‘Ten Things Wrong With The Effects Model’ “The Effects Model tackles social problems backwards”, This was case with Columbine, as while the media was blaming violent games and heavy music for the massacre, they weren’t asking questions they should have been from the start such as; what sort of social environment were the killers brought up in? and what mental state were they in at the time of the killings?

The idea that violent video games lead to real life acts of violence is a very one sided opinion that disregards the idea of context. While it’s true these games do desensitise people from violence, the violence is set within a fictional context and does necessarily mean the people who play them are desensitised in real life. Yes, the columbine killers played Doom, and yes they committed  terrible acts of violence, but what the News does not take into account is that thousands of people play Doom every day and have never even committed a single crime. That is the problem with the Media effects Model, it only takes into account part of the story and not the full picture, therefore resulting in a misguided or one sided point of view.


Context Is almost always disregarded

Context Is almost always  disregarded


Who Am I Again?


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog,especially my fellow students of both BCM 110 and BCM 112.

So, who am I might you ask?… no you didn’t ask?, well that’s too bad because I am going to tell you anyway. My name is Katie Berton and I am a 19 year girl from South West Sydney, studying communications and media studies; much like some of yourselves.

I think I can safely say that my greatest passion in life (besides Video games of course, oh and lets not forget Star Wars) would have to be communications. I am probably one of the only people on the planet who actually enjoys watching adds. The funny ones, the horrible ones, the poorly acted ones, even those classic shouting adds, you name it, I love it. As you may have figured out by now my intended major for this Media and Communications course is Advertising. My life ambition is to one day be an Advertising account executive for some fancy agency in the city somewhere, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t really mind which avenue of communications I venture along, as all aspects of the media interest and excite me.

So, what more can I tell you about myself?, hmmm lets see. Well I am a self proclaimed nerd, I love all things sci-fi and I practically live on my computer. I adore video games and worship the works of Tarantino. I quite literally intend on seeing every zombie movie existence and I am an adamant follower and firm believer of conspiracy theories. Musically I consider myself to be very diverse, however I always find myself returning to the genres of punk, grunge, alternative, metal, hardcore and synthpunk. My favourite artists include: The Distillers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bloc Party, Crystal Castles, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, Hole and System of a Down.

Well That’s enough about me for the moment. I’m sure you have other very important things to be doing and I have some immensely important Games to be playing

Thank you for listening

Katie Out.