Who am I you ask..

Well let me start off with the basics. My name is Katie and I am a 21 year old University Student from Sydney Australia studying Communications and Media. One of my many life passions is Advertising and my ultimate goal is to one day get a job within this field. Something about learning what makes people tick and figuring out how to motivate them in innovative and creative ways really fascinates me. As a person I am both business and artistically minded so when it came to choosing my degree Communications was the only way to go.

As for my other passions, where should I begin…

I am total nerd, if its geeky and pop culture related with any kind of sarcastic undertone I can guarantee you I am into it. Xbox, Anime, Comics, Sci-fi and Classic Horror  Movies make up the majority of my life.


Star Wars is gospel, Tarantino is a God and the Mass Effect Universe is the greatest thing ever invented. I am a huge fan of Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, One Piece and Attack On Titan. Tank Girl would have to be my biggest role model and I thank Jamie Hewlett everyday for creating her.

Untitled vv

On top of being a geek I also consider myself a bit of a punk. Music is huge aspect of my personality and I co-ordinate my stye accordingly. If you know who Brody Dalle is I already love you and if you don’t just look up The Distillers; you can thank me later. If I could be doing anything at this current moment, I would choose to be at a music festival. There is nothing I love more than being crowd deep in a sea of people on a hot summers day listing to great tunes. For me this experience is only heightened further by the company of good friends. My friends are very important to me and are a major driving force that shapes who I am, next to Family of course.


Another passion of mine is art. I love viewing it and I love creating it. whether it be painting, sketching or doodling in my notebook. I especially love body art, If i wasn’t worried about job prospects and if i could afford it, I would be tattoo’d up. This brings me to my final passion… equality. I hate to think we still live in a world where stigmas like those surrounding tattoos exist. Race, Religion, Sex, Sexual Orientation or Personal Style, it doesn’t matter to me. I am passionate about equal rights, treatment and opportunities for all.

That’s enough about me for now, feel free to check out my blog. It is used  purely for University but I try to make it as interesting and as relevant to my everyday life as possible.

If you like what you see also follow me on Instagram.





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